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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Linen Bun Basket

Have you seen one of these before? I found this out thrifting a couple of weeks ago and I knew exactly what it's for.

It's a linen bun basket. Such a clever design!

 It lies flat for storage,

but snaps together to create 12 pockets to cradle dinner rolls.

Here I've nestled some colorful Easter eggs into the pockets.

Ha, and today I found a second one at Goodwill. I love the bright colors! I really don't need two of these so one will be showing up at my antique store soon. Come pay me a visit!
I like to join these parties


  1. I have seen one of these before...but, was clueless to what it was! The eggs are so pretty against the blue. So lucky of you to find a second one! Thanks for sharing~~~

  2. I have one of these, purchased in Italy in one of those wonderful linen shope!!!