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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pimpernel Placemats

Today's post is about something very British, Pimpernel placemats. They are those hard cork backed mats that are literally art for your table. On our first trip to Great Britain we realized that virtually everyone used them, restaurants, Bed and Breakfasts, Inns, and private homes. 

 Here's a little background I snagged from the internet:

"Pimpernel placemats are widely recognized for their high quality and design. Pimpernel Placemats hold a high and well-regarded reputation. They have been produced in England for over 70 years. They have an original and unique style of design and manufacture and they are the most beautifully decorative and rustic style placemats available.
Pimpernel Placemats: The Process
The process behind the creation of Pimpernel placemats is profoundly impressive. The placemats are created by using a cork base that consists of a Eucalyptus wood core. The wood is specially treated and grown through an environmentally friendly process. The top layer of Pimpernel placemats features a beautiful art print that has been specially treated onto the placemat and is scuff and scratch resistant.
The artwork is exceptionally stunning and beautiful. Pimpernel placemats are so exquisite that you wont want to just stop with the placemats. The sets often include coasters, and other accessories. "
 So of course I had to start using them too!

 I've had this set of 4 large hunt motif mats for over 20 years. I bought them for $5 at an estate sale and they've gotten pretty beat up over the years. While the mats are very durable they are NOT indestructible! You can set something warm on them but they are not intended to be a trivet for HOT things, As you can see I learned this the hard way when I placed a casserole dish straight out of the oven on this mat. See those scorch marks?Ouch! I keep this mat under my laptop now to protect my desk.

 This awesome Tall Ships set I bought just this past week , also at an estate sale for $3!  So you can see with a little hunting you can find them VERY reasonably priced.

 I keep lots of sets of coasters all over the house. While gathering them up for the photo shoot I discovered I'm missing a few. Hmm, under the couch cushions?

 I had to have a Christmas set made to go with my Spode Christmas Tree plates!

 I keep this set on my kitchen table most of the time for our every day use.

 The mats are easy to clean, just wipe with a damp cloth. But don't immerse in water or you may get some water marks around the edges. I learned that the hard way too!

 I do use my Pimpernel mats often. Since there are literally hundreds (maybe thousands) of designs you can find some to match any decor or dishes. Here I've used them in a "lodge" themed dinner party.

I'm taking a couple of sets into my shop this week. They would make a great 


  1. How clever of you to make these placemats. So nice that your included the tutorial.

    I appreciate you linking this neat project to Potpourri Friday and look forward to seeing you again this week!

  2. How neat! These are darling - Thank you for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday!