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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Wedgwood Wild Strawberry

 For a simple Easter table setting I pulled out one of my favorite patterns, Wedgwood Wild Strawberry.

 I worked in the china department of a large department store when I was still in high school and chose my china patterns for what we used to call a trousseau. I selected a simple all white dinner plate and added these beautiful salad plates painted with strawberries and blossoms. They are English bone china. My parents took a trip to England and my mother brought home eight salad plates for me to tuck away for the future.

 A few years later when I was engaged, I was still working part time in the china and silver department. Scott and I were registering for wedding gifts and I walked him through the rows of lovely china patterns and informed him that I already had many of our dishes. I remember him standing there, I believe overwhelmed by the sheer number of colors and patterns of plates-something most young men never think about! He said, "Well, I don't really care which dishes you've selected, as long as it's not these."  And of course, he was pointing right at the Wild Strawberry plates!
I didn't know whether to laugh or cry! Of course he was terribly embarrassed when I explained that those were indeed the dishes I already had, but not to worry, the dinner plates were a nice plain white.
 I think that made him feel better. 

I do only pull these pull these out in the spring. Here I've used a sage green burlap table runner that I made last week and some chunky green goblets by Libbey. I was lucky enough to find some vintage linen napkins embroidered with our initial. 

Wild Strawberry is actually one of Wedgwood's most popular patterns and they make a huge variety of accessory pieces. There's even an oven to table line to match the fine china. I only have a few of the extra pieces most of which I have found second hand.

For the centerpiece just a rustic basket with some narcissus and a little glittery chick.
I still love these plates and think they're perfect for a spring party. My favorite dessert to serve on them? 
Strawberry shortcake, of course!
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  1. Hilarious story...I'm guessing he likes those dishes now! Your table is lovely.

  2. Great table. Love the runner!

    Wonderful to have you at Seasonal Sundays!

    - Alma, The Tablescaper

  3. I love your strawberry tablescape! My mom had strawberries decorating our kitchen when I was very little and they bring back such wonderful memories. I am on the look out for strawberry stuff so I can really reminisce!


  4. Beautiful table setting. I love the gorgeous, cheery and sweet Wedwood dishes, they're perfect for spring and summer. The story was really funny, it has happened to me with china too...husband only like White, Alejandro loves my White Noritake dishes the most, although he likes blue transferware and does not LIKE the red one at all, lol! Thank you for your sweet and kind visit.

  5. Funny story:) I like the wild strawberry pattern plates with the white ironstone! Your table is very pretty and what a lucky find with the napkins~~~

  6. I think the pattern is charming! I giggled at the thought of this pre-marriage discussion. My husband definitely had an opinion when we were selecting our wedding china. He didn't want any flowers. We selected a simple white with a rim of chocolate brown that was rimmed in gold. It was a good choice. We both are still very happy with our choice.
    Happy Easter!