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Friday, September 22, 2017

Gorgeous Glass Pumpkins

I've said it before, my parents are great collectors! My mom has an eye for beautiful objects and they love to fill their home with unique pieces of art. Fall is in the air and last week I helped mom get out her pumpkin collection. Mind you, this is only ONE part of her collection, the glass pumpkins. 

We swapped out her chunks of crystals on the the silver pedestals and replaced them with hand blown glass pumpkins and gourds in rich autumnal colors. 

These are truly works of art, look at the stem and how it curls gracefully down the side.

 The side board is filled and the colors are amazing.

If you look carefully you can see two tiny pumpkins sitting in a sterling pin dish. 

 Here the pumpkins are nestled among cut crystal candle holders for an elegant centerpiece.

There is one small Lalique owl hiding behind a pumpkin.

Well, this is  ceramic not glass, but I love the soft colors it's glazed with.

Gorgeous, yes?

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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

DIY Bookcase and Bench

Last summer while my daughter and I awaited the coming of baby boy #2 we got busy with a project for big brother Jeffrey's room. Megan had seen this cute bookcase/bench on Pinterest and used it as her inspiration. It was pretty easy and I'll show you a couple of tricks.

She started with wooden storage cubes that you can find at Home Depot, Lowe's or Walmart. She spray painted them blue to match Jeffrey's room.
It takes 5 sets of cubes - 2 are vertical and one horizontal. In the original photo they are stacked higher but we felt that was too tall. This way Jeffrey can reach everything. The 5 units were screwed together.

Meg found some darling fabric to cover the cushion with.

 She bought a large piece of foam that had to be cut to the right size. How did I do it? With a hand held electric jig saw. The foam was really thick so I had to make one cut, flip it over and cut it again to go all the way through.

 Now, I could have been professional and sewn a cushion cover with piping and a zipper but I was simple too lazy, I mean busy. So I wrapped the foam just like it was a Christmas present! 

I folded under the raw edge and secured it all with glass head pins.

I mitered the corners. 
 I made sure I pulled the fabric nice and tight and stuck the pins deep into the foam.

 I then whip stitched all the seams closed and slid the cushion into place.

Many years ago I cross stitched this ABC chart for my little boy's room but it has been in a closet now for about 20 years. Time to dig it out!

Ta da! It' s a great bookcase, toy shelf and reading nook all in one!

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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Captivating Crystals

My mother, Jan loves anything of beauty. This week I'm sharing her wonderful crystal collection. She has lots of large chunks of amethyst, white quartz, rose quartz, pyrite, and I honestly don't know what. I love the way she has incorporated these beautiful "rocks" into her vignettes and tablescapes. Here she shows them off in sterling compote bowls and silver trays.

 This Waterford bowl is holding fruit made of marble and alabaster.

 The garden is the obvious place to feature large chunks of crystals or petrified wood.

 Plus a big piece of coral looks at home nestled under the maple tree roots.

Out on the patio Jan has iron bowls full of geodes.

Here are some other ways you can incorporate crystals into your decorating.

Colorful rocks, gems and crystals can add a touch of natural sparkle to your home!

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