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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Random Projects

When I woke up Thursday morning I realized that I didn't have any appointments to keep, no deadlines, nothing specific looming on the horizon. My house was fairly clean, laundry done, pantry stocked. A free day! Time to work on some projects! 

Well, this little little project did have a deadline. A friend of a friend is getting married today and Anna called me a couple of days ago to ask a favor. Could I make an etched glass jar for the sign in table? I've only done glass etching a couple of times so I am no expert, but I did have all of the materials at hand. I merely put the initials of the couple and the date on the jar. The guests will be asked to share their wishes written on smooth pebbles and placed in the jar. 
(Yes, a Pinterest idea.)

I learned it's hard to photograph etched glass.

Such a sweet idea!  Your wedding guests can write sweet notes on pebbles.

So as long as my glass etching tools were out I decided to do a project that I had long put off - label my baking dishes. I learned something else. Glass etching doesn't work very well on Pyrex brand glass. I tried twice on one of my 9x13 pans with no success. Then I read online that this process works better on Anchor Hocking dishes. I did have one 9x9 Anchor Hocking dish, and yes, this time it worked. I used Armour Etch brand cream, maybe a different brand works on Pyrex. Like I said, I'm not an expert, but I do like the way this turned out!

Next a made a small coat rack for the new vacation home. This is an old kitchen cabinet drawer front. I gave it a coat of paint, some distressing and finished with some dark wax. Then drilled and screwed in 3 wrought iron hooks. This will go in the back hall.

I love my herb garden and I have been harvesting  armfuls lately! I found this charming purse style basket at the Goodwill earlier this week for $2. I filled it with dried yarrow, lavender, dusty miller and oleander.

And finally, I did a little sewing. I made 2 more pillows to go in the master bedroom of the new house. These should coordinate nicely with the rest of the bedding.
Yay! I love days when I can stay home and have fun! 
I like to join these parties

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