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Monday, December 21, 2020

Duncan Royale Santa Collection

 My parents were avid collectors and I have shared some of their collections before such as their glass pumpkinsvintage toys and crystals.

 They loved Christmas and their house was a feast for the eyes during the holidays. 

One of their favorites was a Santa collection made by Duncan Royale. Duncan Royale made Santa figurines in the 1980’s and 90’s, but the company is no longer in business. They are exquisitely made with lots of detail. They represent different forms of “gift givers” through the ages and different countries.  Originally the figures cost over $200 a piece.


Unfortunately, we lost both Dad and then Mom this year. So now it was time to divide up all of their cherished collections. We are a large blended family of 10 kids and the parents had 12 figurines so we each would get at least one. I discovered that several of us siblings liked the Duncan Royales so much that one was not enough! It's possible to find these collectibles on ebay , etsy or if you are lucky antiquing. 

So several us us have already added to our new collection and are fondly displaying their treasures and remembering our parents and their love of all things Christmas.

Wishing you all a safe, healthy and Merry Christmas!

Monday, August 17, 2020

Stunning Silver Casserole Spoons


 I saw pumpkins in front of a store the other day. Wait! What? Is it Fall already? Well, the kids in our neck of the woods have gone back to school - we hope safely! So is it time to start thinking about the Holidays? 

Hopefully we'll be gathering with family and friends this year like we've always done. One easy but stunning way to dress up your table is with beautiful vintage silverware. This is my small collection of casserole spoons. Aren't they gorgeous?


Casserole spoons are a nice supplement to your serving pieces, noted by their extra large bowl. They are perfect for dishing up mounds of creamy mashed potatoes, herbed stuffing or even fresh fruit.

Of course silverware comes in styles to match anyone's taste- from sleek and clean to sumptuously ornate.

I particularly like the spoons with a scalloped bowl.

You can find vintage silver spoons like these in most antique stores or sometimes if you are lucky at a thrift store. They are only about $10 each so a very reasonable price for making any dinner party look elegant! 

I'm partying with -