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Monday, October 10, 2016

Jefferson Cups

Are you familiar with Jefferson cups? They are easily recognizable by their short, rounded stature and smooth polished surface. The history of these cups date to 1810 when it is said that Thomas Jefferson had been bequeathed two silver cups by his friend George Wythe. Jefferson liked them so much that he had the cups melted down and made into 8 smaller cups by silversmith John Letelier.

Jefferson cups are traditionally made of silver or pewter and are perfect for adding a monogram or medallion. New ones can be ordered from the Monticello gift shop, but I often find them while thrifting or antiquing at very reasonable prices.

        Most Jefferson cups feature a hallmark on the bottom.

I like to use them in the bathroom for drinking or holding   toiletries. They also make great candy or nut cups or would                    look elegant used as desk accessories.

        Jefferson cups are a lovely traditional gift item with 
                                     a nod to history.

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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Lenox White Linen China

When you are traveling what do you like to shop for? Is it shoes and clothing? Or jewelry and souvenirs?
 Me, I head to the local thrift stores.  

I set out for the local Goodwill yesterday in search of a couple of things and look what I found! Two lovely bone china covered vegetable bowls. I spied the smaller one first and thought it was quite charming so into my basket it went. Around the corner on another shelf was a very large covered dish equally charming. Wait, could these two go together?  I flipped them over and very clearly on the bottom they were stamped LENOX.

You're familiar with the Lenox china company aren't you? It is considered America's premier bone china manufacturer. The company was founded in 1889 by Walter Scott Lenox and is still thriving today. No less than 6 Presidents have chosen Lenox china to grace the tables at the White House.

This pattern is called White Linen and features flowers and vines trailing up a basket weave design. 

The smaller bowl has fluted sides interspersed with flowers.

 Oh, and here is the original price tag on the smaller of the two. Let me just say, I paid WAY less than that! I've seen the larger dish on Replacements Ltd. for $279.00!

My daughter chose a Lenox pattern when she got married  four years ago. The classic Federal Platinum is a favorite and I know she uses it often for holidays and other special occasions.

I've said it before and I repeat - white dishes are my favorite!! They are so versatile, can be dressed up or down, used every day or for special occasions. But I do believe in quality. Look for well known manufacturers whose products have stood the test of time and you won't be sorry.
I haven't decided yet whether to keep these. They might be a bit challenging to take home to Arizona, so if you have any interest email me at

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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Urban Relics Consignment

I'm back in Georgia and had to stop in at one of my favorite consignment stores
Urban Relics.

What exactly is a consignment store and how does it differ from a thrift shop or antique store? Well, a consignment store takes items from clients on approval to do the selling for them. So if you are moving or remodeling and don't want the hassle of having your own garage sale or using ebay or craigslist, that's where a consignment store steps in . They can tell you what your item is worth and how much you might get for it. Most consignment stores take 50% of the sale price. Consignment stores are a great place to shop for gently used items. They will NOT take all of your broken, cast off and outdated items. 

So, back to Urban Relics...

 Debbie Greene has had her shop for about 5 years now.Consignment stores are very eclectic but she does an amazing job of making everything look put together.

The front of the shop has some great displays, 
very Farmhouse Chic

 and Martha's Vineyard Nautical .

In a consignment store you can find anything from charming sets of vintage children classic books, 

to gleaming copper, 

 and my favorite, ironstone!

There were lots of baskets,  

a wonderful antique tiger oak  sideboard,  

and a contemporary mirrored dresser. 

At Urban Relics you won't find clothing, but there are gently used designer handbags, 

and lots of fun jewelry. 

 Of course, I found a couple of fun things to take home with me. I know I'll wear this beaded necklace with my lavender and turquoise t-shirts. And I love these new aqua tumblers from Pottery Barn at a fraction of the original price.
It's well worth a stop in to Urban Relics whether you're redecorating or just browsing!
Located at 4651 Sandy Plains Rd, Roswell, GA

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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Antiques at the Midway Mercantile

An historic building houses the Midway Mercantile Antique Store up in the Utah mountains. This shop is both a delight and a source of frustration.

First, the good news. If you like poking around a shop crammed full of every variety of antique this is the shop for you. There is room after room to explore.

 Furniture is literally piled on top of each other! But, it's all good furniture. I found everything from Country French, to Mission, to Scandinavian to  ornate Victorian  pieces.


And I'm always on the lookout for dishes,

  especially ironstone.

There are some truly lovely pieces of art, 

as well as vintage clothing.
Yes, Lynette, the owner has a good eye and lots of quality merchandise.

Now for the bad news. The store is hardly ever open, not even when the hours are clearly posted. I have driven over multiple times to browse yet found the place locked and deserted.

My other complaint is that the merchandise is not priced. When I finally got inside, nearly everything that I looked at had no price tag. That is a red flag to me.  The shop owner can then make up any price right on the spot! Having been in the antique business myself for 15 years I know it's hard to keep price tags on everything. They do fall off or customers pull them off. But this store had fully 50% of things not marked. When I jokingly mentioned this to the owner, she said they had fallen off. Hmm. 

So, if you find yourself on Main Street in Midway AND you happen to find the Midway Mercantile open take a peek inside. You may find a real treasure, just be prepared to ask about prices.

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