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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Early Easter

You all know that Easter comes especially early this year, right? So I've started pulling out just a few "Springy" things. I found this adorable basket thrifting last week and knew it would make a charming Easter basket. Don't you love the little picket fence? I thought however that I would add just a couple of  embellishments.

I made an Easter hang tag- you know I love nests!

Then I wove some flowers around the "fence posts".

I filled the basket with shredded sheet music and some brightly painted eggs that I found at the thrift store as well.

Looks like Spring to me!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Boudoir Pillows

I love all of the inspiration that I find floating out there in cyberspace. While browsing the other day I saw this photo of pillow shams from the website Epic Linens.   Aren't they gorgeous? I love the subtle contrast of the white lace against the natural linen. 
Hmm, maybe I can make something similar! 

I bought this lot of vintage doilies years ago. You know, the kind of thing our grandmothers (or great-grandmothers) used to put under everything like vases and figurines. I only paid a couple of dollars for about 10 of them. However, with no plan of what to do with them they have sat in my sewing stash for several years! Please don't tell me I'm the only one who does this. 

I knew I also had some lovely linen fabric left over from some draperies I made oh, 20 years ago. Did I mention I save stuff?

 So I made several little "Boudoir "pillows. 

It's nice to add a scoop of  dried lavender buds along with your batting to sweetly scent your bed, bathroom or closet.
Very sweet, n'est-ce pas?

Monday, February 11, 2013

Hanging a Silver Tray

I love to decorate with silver trays. I use them in my dining room, bathroom, living room- anywhere I want a touch of  bling and beauty. I bought several large silver trays at the Long Beach Antique Market a couple of weeks ago. 

I decided to hang one in my dining room against my red wall. It's very easy to do.

There are a couple of different ways to do this, but I think this is the simplest. Use a large plate holder that you can get at any hardware store. You may need to stretch the springs a little. Make sure you buy the kind with plastic covered hooks so your silver doesn't get scratched. 

 From the front, it's almost impossible to see the hooks. Look closely, they're there!

Next, I drape a pretty ribbon through the hanging wire of the plate holder. Leave a loop about 8 inches long and tie the ribbon in a bow. Hammer your nail into the wall and hang the tray from the plate holder. 

Then holding the bow above the tray hammer a second nail for the bow to rest on. The tray will be supported by the wire, the ribbon is merely decorative. 

Some vintage trays have a stainless steel base making them magnetic. Don't you think this makes a great memo board? 

I'll be joining