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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Apothecary Jars

I started collecting apothecary jars some 30 years ago. What's an apothecary jar? They are glass containers with a lid that pharmacists would to use to store medicines and herbs.
(source:cowan auctions)
 I thought they would make inexpensive canisters to keep on my kitchen counter so I started picking them up at garage sales and thrift stores. 
I usually can find old jars for $5 or less.

 I keep so many different pantry items in my jars -
brown rice, cornmeal, cookie cutters,

 tea bags, dried beans, pasta, 

nuts,  white rice, and sugar.

Vintage jars come in a variety of shapes - square, oval, rectangular, and octagonal. 

 My favorite lids have ground glass edges.

Newer jars have become extremely popular in home decor and come in lots of shapes and sizes.

They are fun to swap out seasonally, or to use every day.
Do you love these jars as much as I do? What do you display in yours?

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  1. Love your collection,especially the ones that have nests in them!!! And yes, I also collect and use apothecary jars (Lol...don't we all?). Some I just keep pretties in and other I use for food storage. It's so nice to be able to look in the pantry and see at a glance what needs to be put on the market list.

  2. WOW, your are really pretty in all sizes shapes and forms. I have about 8 decorative ones that I change around with the seasons. A lot of red fake apples. Now I have the plastic Easter eggs in them. Your bird nests sure look so pretty in yours. Thanks for sharing this lovely post.

  3. Beautiful! I don't know anyone who doesn't like apothecary jars and your are awesome! You have one for everything and for every season...your spring ones are simply adorable!


  4. I do love those jars and have a ton of them....some I am selling in my shop and maybe I shouldn't! I just have no where to display them. I love the idea of the nest in the jar though...I could do that for seasonal décor. Great post!

  5. I am a lover of jars too! Thank you for sharing your collection with us (as well as your pantry which is also a favorite subject of mine ;)

  6. I love jars too! All shapes and sizes! Hugs and blessings, Cindy