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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Alabaster Easter Eggs

Alabaster is a smooth marble like stone mined in many parts of the world, especially Italy. Because of the wide variety of luscious colors and beautiful veining, alabaster has been used for decades to make gorgeous decorative 
Easter eggs.
They are lovely and smooth, cool to the touch and 
have a nice weighty feel to them.

I have a small collection that I have nestled into an 
ironstone bowl.

On my dining table  I have several bowls filled with my many eggs - alabaster, painted wood, Ukrainian, and some new fluffy ones made from flower petals.
I love the sunny bright colors of  my egg collections! 
I like to join with


  1. I have a couple of these eggs...but they are not as vibrant and colorful as yours. I didn't know this many colors existed! Very pretty in the ironstone bowls~~~

  2. Karee, The alabaster eggs are really pretty! I love all the pretty colors.

  3. What a wonderful lovely collection. I love how you have displayed them.

  4. Wonderful collections of eggs. I think the alabaster ones are my favorites.