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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Pewter Porringers

My yard is covered in snow and more is on the way. Frosty winter mornings are perfect for serving steaming hot oatmeal  in ... a porringer.  A what?  Porringers are shallow bowls with flat handles made expressly for serving hot cereals (or porridge) in. They date back to medieval times when they were frequently made of wood or clay. During the colonial era pewter and silver became the materials of choice and they were especially popularized by Paul Revere.

I started collecting porringers years ago loving their simple design with the decorative handle. The handles often were engraved with a monogram.

Porringers are made in assorted sizes and depths.

These are tiny porringers made to be individual salt cellars.

I like to use porringers as candy or nut dishes, or catch-alls on my desk. They also are popular baby dishes and make a unique baby gift.

I frequently find porringers while antiquing for as little as $8-10. 
New ones can be purchased from finer silver companies like Reed and Barton or Kirk Stieff in the $50-100 range.

Now, isn't that a fun way way to dress up your oatmeal?

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