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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Christmas Trees from The Christmas Idea House

This weekend, December 1st and 2nd, Desert Club of Mesa presents its 60th Christmas Idea House! This is the first year in 17 years that I won't be there due to my move to Utah. This talented group of ladies fills a home with amazing Christmas decor and treats. Then it is opened to the public with items for sale and ALL of the proceeds are donated to  local charities and students in need.

Since I can't attend this year I'm sharing just some of the fabulous Christmas trees my friends and I have decorated over the years. I hope it gives you some inspiration! 

If you would like to attend the Christmas Idea House this year click here for more info Christmas Idea House .

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Sunday, November 26, 2017

Vintage Toys

At the top of the stairs in my parent's home is a child sized secretary/bookcase. It is full to overflowing with vintage toys that my dad has collected over many decades.He lived in England for a few years as a young man and I believe started collecting English tin soldiers then. The collection is eclectic with horses pulling ornate carriages, mechanical banks, miniature trains and automobiles, clipper ships and tiny animals. An absolute child's delight!

Dad built a special display case for some of the toys. Behind these shelves...

 is a cupboard for his sweaters!

If the grandchildren are lucky he'll take down a few things for them to play with.  Of course, vintage toys like these are quite valuable and they are always treated with care. 
Do any of the grownups in your life like to play with toys?

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