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Saturday, February 10, 2018

Door Decisions

Your front door says a lot about your home. It's the first impression visitors get when they come to call and it should appear welcoming and inviting. It also reflects the style of your home whether that's traditional or contemporary. We are building a European style home in the mountains of Utah and I need to choose my new front door.
I wanted something like this with windows flanking the side but my builder says the front entry is not wide enough for that.

He suggested a door with a transom window over the top to let in some natural light but I think the proportion looks awkward.

I like this look, but it may be too Mission style-ish  for the rest of the house.

This door with lots of glass is pretty. What do you think about privacy? Does it bother you when visitors can see right into the house? 

The details on this door are beautiful.

 I am clearly drawn to arched doors!
This is quite rustic but I kind of like the antique feel.

 I love the round window but my husband says it looks too"hobbit-y".

 I could go for some lovely iron scroll work.

I think this is my favorite with the diamond shaped leaded glass.

What are your thoughts? Which door looks the most inviting to you ?

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  1. Hi Karee. We moved into our new house 7 months ago. We built it from scratch and had so much fun choosing everything! The front door was the first thing I picked because I knew I wanted an arched top and that has to be chosen for the framing to work out.

    I'm sending you some links so you can see what we have. Whatever you choose, it will be beautiful because you are obviously putting a lot of thought into it.

    This is the outside:
    This is the inside:

  2. Oh my goodness! I have a passion for front doors. Each one of these is just beautiful. I think I like the scroll work and the last one best.

  3. Best wishes with your home construction! I like the door with the iron scroll work, and also the door with the arched top twelve panel reflective glass.

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