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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Beautiful Battersea Boxes

It started with this tiny box.
 For my 40th birthday (several years ago!) a few of my dear friends surprised me with a day out in New York City and then presented me with this adorable 
enameled Battersea Box.

What's a Battersea Box? In the 1700 and 1800's small enamel trinket boxes were made by the company Bilston and Battersea. They were especially  popular among Victorian ladies and collected as souvenirs from their 
visits to the seashore.
 But by the 1830's their popularity had waned. 
 In the 1950's the antique shop Halcyon Days specialized in English antiques and collectibles. The little boxes were once again popular and had become rare so they formed a partnership with Bilston and Battersea Enamels to start making them again.

These tiny boxes are works of art, depicting flowers, birds, lovely ladies, architecture or charming quotes.There are hundreds if not thousands of designs.

So here is my modest collection. I have my original 
Noah's Ark box, a couple of Alice in Wonderland, and several that my dear husband gave me for birthdays or anniversaries.

They can be quite pricey, usually $100 and up so if you see one for less, treat yourself to a little piece of history.

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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Charming Charleston

I took my first trip to Charleston, South Carolina last week and it was a delight. Charleston is a southern gem full of history, beautiful architecture, and good food. My daughter and her husband honeymooned here three years ago and were anxious to revisit so my husband and I joined them for a long weekend. We started out with a walking tour of the historic downtown.

Charleston is known as "The Holy City" due to the prevalence of the many churches that make up it skyline and it's religious tolerance during it's early years.

Charleston boasts one beautiful home after another, many of which offer tours.

This street is called Rainbow Row, for obvious reasons!

This "Wedding Cake" style house has a very unusual addition on it's rooftop - a small Arc de Triomphe!

The Dock Street Theater has been lovingly preserved and still is in use.

The downtown has an old slave market that  has been been saved and turned into a flea market  for local artists and artisans to sell their goods.

A favorite attraction with the guys was Patriot's Point where you can tour a decommission aircraft carrier, submarine, and destroyer from WWII.

And then there is the food! the Noisy Oyster is a local favorite  where we enjoyed a shrimp boil dinner.

We also had great seafood at Tommy Condon's.

Kilwin's is a candy shop that I was not familiar with. Let's just say I took advantage of the opportunity to get to know them!

And then there were the cupcakes!

 It's a beautiful city with lots to offer!

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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Darling Doilies

My friend Lynn has been doing some closet cleaning and when she came across a large box full of  vintage doilies, lace, and aprons she offered it to me and I happily accepted! I love the delicate lace patterns and soft whites,
 ecrus and ivory colors.

 Each piece is unique and must have taken hours to make.

Some look like flowers while others remind me of delicate snowflakes.

So, what to do with a box of vintage doilies?  A couple of years ago  I started making these charming lavender filled boudoir pillows which you can read about HERE. 
This has been one of my most popular posts so let me share again how easy these are to make.
First I take some linen or silk fabric and make a small pillow. I stuff it with fresh batting and French lavender buds. Then I hand stitch a doily onto the pillow cover.

Some of the doilies I'm able to tie around the pillow with a piece of ribbon.

 The pillows can be embellished with pretty buttons, silk flowers or ribbon.

These look and smell lovely in a bathroom, closet, nestled on a bed or comfy chair, or in your lingerie drawer 

I will be taking several to my booth at Merchant Square. Stop in for a visit!

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