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Monday, August 8, 2011

Plenty of Plates!

Okay, I admit it, I went a little crazy thrift shopping this weekend! I've been looking for
  white dinner plates to use for my Christmas House table setting.
 ( That's the community fundraiser I help with every year.) After searching Homegoods, Ross and Marshall's and coming up empty handed (hard to believe, but true) I headed off to Goodwill.
 Oh my! It was a dish jackpot!

 I have loved this pattern for years. It's called Blue Danube by Lipper. Of course, it's a knock off of the famous Blue Onion pattern by Meissen. The Meissen plates sell for over $100 each. I paid $1 apiece for 6 of these. I think they're a pretty good substitute!

 Next I found 6 of these great ironstone plates made by Adams/Wedgwood . The Adams Company was acquired by Wedgwood and manufactured the ironstone line. Wedgwood china is my all time favorite and I own 4 different sets. I guess make that 5! By the way, this pattern is called Empress.Replacements sells these for $28 each. I paid $1.

 Now here's what I found for my Christmas table setting. Another favorite china manufacturer of mine is Portmeirion. While not as historic as Wedgwood, Portmeirion is another English china maker with a great reputation. They are best known for their Botanic Garden pattern with each plate painted with a different botanically correct floral design.

This set however, is a nice blend of traditional and contemporary. They are designed by Sophie Conran and have a wide rim and very subtle white on white concentric circles. As you can see, they are brand new with the label still attached. One of the plates even had a Macy's receipt taped to the back. They retailed for $22 each. That's right, I paid $1.

 How about these white on white salad/dessert plates? I found 4 of them. They'll make great mix and match extras for dessert buffets. The pattern is Trellis.

 These were just too cute to resist. Two Stafforshire salad/dessert plates with a tiny blue flower called Petite Fleur.

 There's more! I also found 6 of these wood chargers in perfect condition. Won't they be fabulous for Fall table settings? I splurged and paid $1.50 apiece.

Rounding out the stash are some random serving  pieces and smaller plates and bowls.
I found ALL of these gorgeous pieces at one location! 
Lucky me!
Tablescapes featuring the above dishes will be sure to follow :)


  1. Wow! What a score! I never find such treasure when I go to my Goodwill store. That is a wonderful gesture, the Christmas fundraiser. Blessings to you!

  2. K- Love the tableacapes. Makes me want to come for a visit! Did you know my mother collected the Port Merion Botanical pattern?