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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Garden Surprise

Don't you love getting something for FREE?

 About 6 weeks ago I noticed a new sprout in my herb garden that quickly grew into a vine. I had harvested all of my lettuce and spread some compost in the area so I left it alone. I thought it might be a cucumber vine so I put up some stakes for it to climb on.

It spread rapidly and I could see something dangling from the vine. Hmm, that seems a bit chubby for a cucumber! What is it?

 Oh look! It's a cantaloupe! I've never grown cantaloupes nor did I plant any intentionally, but clearly I had spread some seeds in my compost. What a fun surprise! Who says there's no such thing as a 
free lunch? And I noticed yesterday there's a second little cantaloupe on the vine, bonus!

1 comment :

  1. How cool is that!!? That looks like some pretty darn healthy cantalaupe too!
    Karee I do love my new cherubs but I want more!.... *winks* Vanna