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Monday, January 8, 2018

Top 5 Posts of 2017

It's been a crazy, busy year finally moving from Arizona to Utah and that hasn't left me with much time for blogging. Right now I'm visiting with kids and grandkids in Pennsylvania which makes it even harder to find time! But the big kids have gone back to school, mom and dad are at work and the baby is napping so I'll squeeze in a moment to share with you my most popular posts of 2017.

#5   Charmed

It seems many of us have charm bracelets that we have loved over the years.

I was tickled to be featured in a national magazine this year.

Just a few ideas I shared on how to personalize your new home. 

These are my favorite places to shop!

My number one post of the year was technically posted in 2016, but it was at the end of the year so most of you saw it in 2017. I shared my Fontanini nativity at this year's creche exhibit in Midway.

Thanks to all of my followers. I do think of you as my friends! Have a happy and blessed new year!!

I like to join these parties


  1. All are great posts, Karee. My favorite has to be the lavender sachets made from vintage hankies. I've quite a few (hankies) that I intend to make into sachets. . .hopefully by Spring, as there are many craft fairs in my little town once the weather gets nice. Hope you have a wonderful year ahead!

  2. I agree, wonderful posts, I love them all. I always wanted a wall with a gallery of artwork and family mementos.
    Thank you for sharing.