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Friday, May 22, 2015

Marvelous Milk Glass

You know milk glass when you see it. It's that opaque, milky white glassware that is blown or pressed  into a wide assortment of shapes. There are vases, bud vases, candy dishes, drinking glasses, serving bowls, pitchers, plates etc.

Milk glass dates back to the 16th century where it was first made by those master glass makers the Venetians. It's popularity hit a high during the late 1800's and then again in the 1950's and 60's. I remember as a child having several pieces in our home.

My dear friend Jeannine who is a whiz with flowers will be helping with her nephew's wedding in a few weeks. She called to see if I had any milk glass vases that she could borrow. It's not something I usually collect but I have bought and sold a few pieces over the years.
 I told her I would keep my eye out for some while thrifting this week.
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Her plan is to use an assortment of shapes filled with hot pink and tangerine colored blossoms.

Aren't these charming?
 Won't they be perfect for a wedding?

Without any trouble I found 5 vases at my local Goodwill and spent only $9.

I used these vintage hobnail milk glass vases for my wedding centerpieces. Found them at thrift stores.:

Jeannine loved this  this hobnail vase. Hobnail is glass ware covered in raised "polka dots". It reminds me of dotted swiss fabric.

So here's to vintage milk glass, as charming as ever!

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  1. I love all those white milk glass vases and many more pieces. My grandma had some at her home when I was a kid, but my mom never liked them so she didn't give her....shocks!!!
    I love the flowers all gathered together in the milk glass pieces.

  2. I love milk glass.. and so did my mama. I just found a bunch in her belongings small vase the little tall ones and I found a large like piece but it was broke I was so sad.. All the flowers look lovely in the milk glass.. I have that very hobnail vase.. i love the hobnail a lot.. lovely post with love Janice

  3. Lovely photos! I have been adding pieces of milk glass to my "white" kitchen recently. After reading this post, I want to take them off the shelves and add some colorful flowers :)

  4. On top of everything, these people helped to manage all of the logistics with my DJ and the photo booth guy! Plus, I was able to drop off all my centerpieces and vow renewal supplies the night before the wedding (since there wasn't an event planned the night before) -- it really helped the day of!