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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Atlanta Thrifting

Last week I shared with you one of my new favorite antique stores in Marietta Georgia, The Queen of Hearts. I had such fun browsing there and bought a couple of things. But as many of you know, the real bargains can be found at thrift shops. Last year on my visit to Atlanta I found an amazing store called My Favorite Place located in Chamblee. They call themselves a flea market, but they are kind of a combination antique, thrift and junk shop. Of course, I was anxious to make a return visit and see if I could score again. If you are looking for inspiring displays and stylish booths don't come here. Instead if you are willing to paw through piles of dusty cast offs, you may come away with a real treasure! 

As soon as I walked in I found several pieces of Quimper to add to my growing collection. Each piece was less than $4.

I 'm always drawn to vintage silver and pewter and came away with  a couple of new baby cups, gravy boats and candle holders. You can see what I do with my silver baby cups HERE.

Plus this lovely silver sauce boat engraved with my monogram! 

And I found some very inexpensive silver trays (less than $2) so I felt I could have a little fun with some chalkboard paint. 

This is a baby blue tole tray, very large!

A little French enamel wall pocket is perfect for the kitchen. 

I also have a small collection of Dedham pottery which I plan to blog about someday. Aren't these matching placemats with it's bunny border charming? 

So here it all is, yes I made it fit in my suitcase, and I only spent $49 for everything! 

Some of these treasures I'll keep, the rest will be making their way to my antique store 
Merchant Square. Come see me!


  1. Wow what great finds! I'll have to visit that place in Chamblee!

  2. What great finds! The price on the Quimper is amazing.

  3. Oh my! I wish I could find a place like this! You know you stole that Quimperware! ;)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog! I know, don't you love finding a treasure for a steal?

  4. Thanks for sharing all your awesome treasures at my party this week.


  5. What amazing finds! Your two Quimper plates are wonderful. I'm drawn to the geometric pieces and like to add them in with my traditional Quimper decors. Let me know if you decide to sell them.
    Now I'm off to see how you use your silver baby cups. '-) ~ Sarah

  6. What great finds! I have only been to The Queen of Hearts in Buford. I have heard the one in Alpharetta is even more grand. I did not know there was yet another one I needed to hit up when in town!;) Thanx for partying at THT.