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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Candy Buffet

Candy buffets have become a popular feature at wedding receptions. Megan decided early on that she would like to include one to use as favors for her wedding guests.
I already had several apothecary jars - remember, I used them for her bridal shower as centerpieces. Click HERE to see them. Now those same jars are full of sweet treats. I decided I'd better do a "dry run" to see how things will look on the wedding day.

 I ordered candy from a favorite website that I have used several times for other events, Bulk Foods. They have a great assortment of candies, chocolates and nuts among other things and their prices are very reasonable.
 We chose chocolate mints, white heart mints, chewy spearmint leaves, pear flavored Jelly Bellies, chocolate covered caramel corn, old fashioned candy sticks, chocolate pretzel balls and a honey crunch trail mix. I did a little research on how much candy to buy. We decided that 1/4 pound per person seemed a reasonable amount, so just multiply that by your number of guests.

 I think it all will look quite pretty with her color scheme of ivory, sage and brown.
 We're using cellophane candy bags with a personalized label I made with our bird's nest logo. I've got brown and white baker's twine for our guests to  tie up their bags with.

 Instead of scoops I'm using my collection of vintage sauce ladles to dish up the sweets.

Now I get to pack it all up and take it to Utah!


  1. This is a great Candy Bar. We had one this past weekend at our Ladies Retreat. I will be posting pictures soon. You did a fabulous job!

  2. I love candy buffets! I recently did one for my little niece. We did a pink/brown theme and it came out great! Budget friendly for a big impact.

  3. I would love to have a candy buffet sometime! Thanks for the tutorial! It's so pretty!