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Monday, October 10, 2016

Jefferson Cups

Are you familiar with Jefferson cups? They are easily recognizable by their short, rounded stature and smooth polished surface. The history of these cups date to 1810 when it is said that Thomas Jefferson had been bequeathed two silver cups by his friend George Wythe. Jefferson liked them so much that he had the cups melted down and made into 8 smaller cups by silversmith John Letelier.

Jefferson cups are traditionally made of silver or pewter and are perfect for adding a monogram or medallion. New ones can be ordered from the Monticello gift shop, but I often find them while thrifting or antiquing at very reasonable prices.

        Most Jefferson cups feature a hallmark on the bottom.

I like to use them in the bathroom for drinking or holding   toiletries. They also make great candy or nut cups or would                    look elegant used as desk accessories.

        Jefferson cups are a lovely traditional gift item with 
                                     a nod to history.

                             I like to join these parties


  1. They look like they were made for punch or wassil! Thank you for sharing at Home Sweet Home!