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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Antiques at the Midway Mercantile

An historic building houses the Midway Mercantile Antique Store up in the Utah mountains. This shop is both a delight and a source of frustration.

First, the good news. If you like poking around a shop crammed full of every variety of antique this is the shop for you. There is room after room to explore.

 Furniture is literally piled on top of each other! But, it's all good furniture. I found everything from Country French, to Mission, to Scandinavian to  ornate Victorian  pieces.


And I'm always on the lookout for dishes,

  especially ironstone.

There are some truly lovely pieces of art, 

as well as vintage clothing.
Yes, Lynette, the owner has a good eye and lots of quality merchandise.

Now for the bad news. The store is hardly ever open, not even when the hours are clearly posted. I have driven over multiple times to browse yet found the place locked and deserted.

My other complaint is that the merchandise is not priced. When I finally got inside, nearly everything that I looked at had no price tag. That is a red flag to me.  The shop owner can then make up any price right on the spot! Having been in the antique business myself for 15 years I know it's hard to keep price tags on everything. They do fall off or customers pull them off. But this store had fully 50% of things not marked. When I jokingly mentioned this to the owner, she said they had fallen off. Hmm. 

So, if you find yourself on Main Street in Midway AND you happen to find the Midway Mercantile open take a peek inside. You may find a real treasure, just be prepared to ask about prices.

I like to join these parties

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  1. Thanks for the review of what looks like a fun place. I was wondering what state this is in though?