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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Spring Napkins

I've shown you my fabric closet before. I love making the occasional quilt, but honestly, I need to use up more of my stash! 

I found some inspiration on Etsy the other day  - fresh, color coordinated spring napkins!

Most of my fabrics are 100% cotton so they are perfect for napkins. I chose 6 different pieces and made 2 napkins out of each pattern, a dozen in all.

I cut the fabric into squares 15" x 15" for  a nice generous size. Then I simply zig zagged the edges to keep them from fraying. This was a super simple project that only took a couple of hours start to finish.

Wouldn't these be perfect for a spring brunch or tea party?
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  1. These are gorgeous. Feeling terrible pangs of fabric envy :-)

  2. Great idea! These will be perfect for your spring tables.

  3. Very pretty! I love to make these! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  4. How pretty and creative! Your spring tables will look lovely. Rosie @ The Magic Hutch