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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Stunning Sterling Bracelets

Last week I shared with you gold bracelets but this week it's all about silver. I have a fondness for sterling silver beaded bracelets and try to find them when I'm antiquing or thrift shopping. 

How do you tell if a piece of jewelry is authentic? Look for the markings on the clasp, or a tag or link by the clasp. It should be stamped STERLING  or a large S or 925. Pure silver like gold, is very soft and sterling silver is an alloy of 92.5 percent silver to 7.5 percent of another metal, usually copper.

Another characteristic of sterling or silver plate jewelry is it will tarnish. Clean pieces occasionally with silver polish and a soft cloth.

 While shopping with my mom last week we found this charming bracelet of daisy charms. It's a perfect match for a pair of earrings I've had for years.

I wear two or three silver bracelets pretty much every day. I found all of these second hand, one was only six dollars!

This sweet little bracelet came from Charleston. It is made of sterling silver beads in the shape of grains of rice to symbolize South Carolina's rice industry.

Pearls and silver beads adorn this delicate loop bracelet. 

This cute charm bracelet was a souvenir from Mexico.

Cuff bracelets are very popular and can be gently bent to fit any size wrist.

Charm bracelets have long been popular. This one is a  Chanel knock off. How do I know? No markings and it doesn't  tarnish. Real silver often has goldish undertones while stainless steel, nickel or zinc pieces have more of a gray cast.

You needn't spend a fortune for sterling jewelry. Lovely estate pieces can be found at most antique stores at very reasonable prices!

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  1. What pretty silver bracelets. Lately, I've been getting into bangle bracelets, and I "pile them on" too! Used to wear necklaces, but that area is not as pretty as it once was (aging), so I have concentrated more on rings, earrings and bracelets for my jewelry needs. . .And I really love those you're showing!

  2. Fun to stack the vintage pieces. I have a collection of Victorian silver bangles that I like to wear stacked, especially in the summer months. I like the way you mixed the bangles and the chain pieces. I need to try that. '-)

  3. Ooh--sterling is my favorite! The rice-shaped one is so intereting and I love your Mexican charm bracelet. Thanks for sharing it with us a Vintage Charm :)

  4. Great look putting them all together. I have been wearing a stack of energy muse beads lately. Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

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