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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Christmas Spoons

Have you heard of Christmas spoons? These Danish dessert sets were made by the A. Michelsen company starting  in 1910. Each set of  spoon and fork is unique representing an aspect of Christmas, or Jul as it is called in Denmark. The spoons are made of sterling silver with gold plated bowls. The handles are designed by a different artist each year and feature  nativities, Santas, flowers, candles, bells, stars, snowflakes etc. done in silver and enamel.   

 My Grandmother Emily traveled all over the world and had a particular fondness for Denmark.  I have no idea when she started collecting these little works of art but she had many of them.

Michelson Danish Christmas Spoons---:

 Each Christmas season she and my grandfather would host a dinner party for my parents and aunts and uncles at the country club. It's a large family, my father is one of 8 children. For dessert they would get to use the Christmas spoons. Finally one year Grandma announced that whatever spoon and fork was at their place setting they would be allowed to take home and keep. Thus began my parents collection. I love to see them each Christmas when Mom puts them on display in the dining room. 

Quite a few years ago while antiquing I came across several sets in a display case. I knew immediately what they were so I bought 5 sets. One each for me, my husband and 3 children.

 Each piece is stamped with JUL and the year it was made.

The detail on them is amazing!

 My collection stops there, but I'm hoping that Mom will one day start giving them away like Grandma Emily did!

You can find Michelsen Christmas spoons on ebay or other auction sites from $50 each and up.

Good Jul!

I like to join these parties


  1. Good Afternoon Karee, How wonderful, your grandparents owned Danish Christmas dessert spoons, your parents enjoyed using their own sets and now you also have some fine examples. I love discovering family Christmas traditions and I am certainly now going to be looking out for Danish Christmas spoons of my own, because I know my daughters will love them.
    Oh by, the way, before I go, I must mention I used your Christmas bow technique on my Christmas gifts.... and it worked a treat.... absolutely fabulous.... thank you so much.
    Happy Christmas to you.
    Best Wishes

  2. You've got a fabulous start on your own collection...they are just beautiful!!!. What a great way to remember your grandmother and keep a tradition alive. Best ~ Mickie.

  3. I've never seen these charmers. What a beautiful, thoughtful collection. I so enjoyed the story you shared. Family memories are the best!
    Merry Christmas!