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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Tiny House Collection

I've collected many different things over the years and my tiny houses has been one of my favorites. I started collecting them as a newlywed in the 1970's and I think they were a popular theme because several companies started putting out miniature house collectibles.

 My collection is very eclectic - some houses are very simple and rustic,

while some are historically accurate. This is the John Benbow Farmhouse in England. It has great detail.

I have houses made of wood, ceramic, paper, glass and tin.

A few are functional - I have a butter dish, mugs, cookie jar and cruets.
But I find that my tastes have changed over the years and I rarely notice my little house collection any more. I'm thinking of taking my houses into my antique store and selling them.What do you think? Does one keep a collection forever or clean out the old to make room for something else?

I like to join these parties


  1. It's always a treat to see what others collect. Your miniature houses are special. Thanks for sharing and Happy November!

  2. I love these small houses. Nice collection!

  3. I usually don't want to part with my collections. But sometimes we outgrow them and they need to be replaced by the new beloved objects. As a doll house lover, I have collected some small houses to be dollhouses for the dollhouse. Do you really want to part with them? Did you acquire them all or are they gifts from family? Do you want to just take pictures for the memory and sell them? Do they need to be stored away and brought out for a few months of display at a time? Do they need to be displayed differently? Along a mantel edge with bottle brush trees? On a lazy susan as a centerpiece? On a green velveteen runner on a side table? Sometimes when I rediscover a packed up collection, it is like Christmas morning and the memories of where/when I collected them make my day.