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Friday, August 10, 2012

Pink Candy Buffet

It continues to be wedding season here in Arizona. I have three friends with children getting married within the next two weeks. My friend Andie's daughter got married today. Andie loved the candy buffet I did for Megan's wedding and she asked me to do one for Taylor and Seth. The color scheme was ivory and pink, so soft and pretty! I used heart mints, Good and Plenty, strawberry taffy, yogurt raisins and yogurt pretzels, grapefruit sour balls, champagne flavored gumdrops, and pink sixlets (basically an m&m but cheaper!) 
I made personalized candy bags and had pink and tan baker's twine to tie the bags with. I wanted a little glow to the table so I used the little electric tea lights in tall glass candleholders. I also labeled each candy jar with an identifying tag. 
To see how I put together a similar candy buffet for my daughter's reception but with a different color scheme click HERE. These are really fun to do and are a big hit with the wedding guests!

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  1. I love candy buffets at weddings!! This one is so pretty and I think you done a wonderful job!
    Thanks so much for sharing and have a great night!