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Friday, March 23, 2012

Majolica Pitcher

My favorite thrifty find of the week is this charming majolica style pitcher. Majolica is pottery made with an opaque glaze in bright colors and depicts nature in the form of flowers, leaves, basketry and animals. Majolica originated in the Mediterranean regions such as Spain and Italy and then became wildly popular with the Victorian English. This little pitcher is just a reproduction, but so colorful and Springy! It was only $5 so how could I resist?

I filled it with petunias and chamomile from my garden and added a few other turquoise treasures all on a vintage ironstone platter. Welcome Spring!
I'll be joining


  1. What a great find, such a pretty pitcher! Just found you and saw that you have a shop in Chandler- our daughter lives in Chandler and we're hoping to get out there to see her before it gets too hot. Or maybe it's too late already to avoid the heat? :)

    1. The weather in our area is lovely right now so I hope you can visit your daughter soon! Please drop in and see my booth too!