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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hide and Seek Valentines

Valentine's Day is still more than a couple of weeks away, but I thought I'd get out my few "Valentiney" decorations. Hmm, now where are my hearts? I've always kept them in a certain chest, in a certain drawer, but they were not there. Am I getting old? Where could they be? I must have checked the same chest 3 or 4 times, nothing. 
In with the Christmas things? Easter? 

 I finally realized 2 days later that last year in an organizing frenzy I had cleaned out the chest where these used to reside and boxed them up and put them in the garage. How was my little brain supposed to remember that after some 12 years of being kept in the same place my Valentines were in a totally different part of the house? 
Moral: sometimes reorganizing doesn't pay off!

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  1. I wanted to thank you for the award, it took me some time to arrange my thoughts of who to pay it is my post

    And many hearts to you my friend< I sure enjoy your blog, Di@ Cottage-wishes