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Friday, November 18, 2011

Fabulous Florentine

Look what I found thrifting last week! 
Three beautiful Florentine trays.

 Florentine decorative pieces are characterized by bright colors painted onto ornately carved wood trays, boxes, frames and tables. They are then gilded with fanciful flourishes, swirls and medallions.
 This style dates back centuries to the Renaissance and remains popular today with pieces still being handpainted in Italy in the traditional manner. I thought I'd pick up a few inexpensive pieces on my last trip to Italy. Wrong! They were still very pricey.

So if you're lucky snatch up vintage pieces when you can! I found this box and tissue holder for about $1 each.
 I've added the trays to my latest tablescape. Florentine pieces really add a touch of elegance to any room!
Check out my antique store Merchant Square where I frequently have some of these gorgeous pieces for sale!

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  1. Beautiful finds. Florentine pieces are always a nice treat to come upon.

  2. I love the florentine pieces too Karee. I think I've bought and sold about six of those stacking table sets...I can't seem to help myself *winks* Vanna