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Saturday, September 22, 2018

Christmas Pillowcases

It's the  middle of September, have you started on your Christmas crafts yet?  I had a free day last week and whipped up this easy holiday project.
 My grandchildren all live far away so I'm always looking for something easy or inexpensive to send to help keep in touch. I had heard of this idea and thought it a fun way to extend the anticipation of Christmas. Christmas pillowcases!

To show you how easy this project is here are step by step instructions.

You will need for each case-
flannel or all cotton fabric 40" x 28"
coordinating fabric 40" x 10"
1 inch wide grosgrain ribbon 40" long
fusible seam tape

Fold the  10" x 40" piece of fabric in half lengthwise wrong sides together,  and press.

 Pin it to the other piece of fabric to the WRONG side of the fabric. (It's hard to tell because my fabric didn't have a right and wrong side.)  This is on the long or 40" side of the case. Sew together with a straight stitch.

Flip the band over and press the seam towards the band. With the case right side up use some fusible webbing like Stitch Witchery to bond the ribbon over the seam and cover it completely.

 Now topstitch the ribbon to secure it.

 To finish, all you have to do is fold the case in half with wrong sides together matching the band and ribbon and sew a straight seam along the side and bottom. A  serger is great if you have one. Or you can zigzag the edges to keep them from fraying. I did a french seam to enclose the seam to keep things tidy.

Turn your pillowcase right side out and press. 

I bundled them up adding a cute poem about Christmas dreams. Each case is different so that my grandkids have one all their own. I plan on giving these for Thanksgiving so they can use them all December. 

Click  HERE for a download of the Christmas poem. I found it on the internet with no author so if you know who wrote it let me know!
I made 5 of these in one afternoon. I hope the kids will enjoy snuggling into bed and dreaming sweet dreams!

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  1. Those are darling and I can see them on nice pillows as you or someone else curls up with them by a nice fire and of course - a cup of cocoa! They are really lovely!

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