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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Danish Dishes

Are you familiar with Royal Copenhagen of Denmark? They make some of the most beautiful porcelain and earthenware dish sets. I can't call myself a true collector because I only have a very few pieces. I recently spied four of these plates while  out thrifting, for only a few dollars each, so of course I had to have them! This is the Blue Tranquebar pattern.
 No, I have no idea how to pronounce it!

The company was founded in 1775 and is well known for it's annual Christmas collectors plates, charming figurines and exceptional Fine China.

The plates have wonderful detail with it's basket weave border and hand painted cross hatch design.The blue flower in the center is also hand painted so each dish is truly unique.

 You know if it is authentic Royal Copenhagen by the distinctive maker's mark.
There are  three wavy lines above each other, symbolizing Denmark’s three straits: Øresund, the Great Belt and the Little Belt.
Denmark is a seafaring country so many of the motifs in their china reflect the colors and themes of the ocean.

I bought this lovely salad bowl many years ago for only $3. I'm so happy now to have plates to go with it! 

I have a couple of other random pieces of 
Royal Copenhagen-  a large rimmed soup bowl, a candlestick and a beautiful tureen lid,  alas with no tureen to go under it! These are in the Blue fluted pattern which is perhaps Royal Copenhagen's most popular pattern. My grandmother had a full set of this and I loved it when she would  pull it out for family dinners.

I've set it all on a clean white matelasse coverlet  to show off the crisp blue and white pattern.

There are many, many serving pieces to go with Tranquebar so I'll keep looking! 
I like to join these parties


  1. What a surprise to see this pattern on a post, its one of my very favorites!!! How lucky you were to find those plates, I am sooooo jealous!! I have some serving pieces, platters, reticulated bowl and candlesticks, even the matching candles!! Have never seen it at any flea markets, antique stores or estate sales. I have the full brochure and love every piece, esp. the breakfast coffee cups, they are large....the whole set was once featured in a magazine article years ago which I have saved.......somewhere!! It exudes charm......

  2. They are, indeed, beautiful. Are you familiar with Bing and Grondahl, the other beloved and very old Danish porcelain manufacturer? My wedding China is their Seagull pattern and The Great Dane and I have collected their Christmas plates for over 40 years. This year we inherited a collection of Royal Copenhagen as well. I love the quiet blue on blue that is a theme with both companies. You have made some lovely finds!