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Friday, May 13, 2011

Cake plates

Can one own too many crystal cake plates? I started collecting them just a few years ago and can't resist when I see another at an estate sale or thrift store. Serving humble cookies or brownies on a crystal pedestal suddenly makes them seem positively elegant!

 I bought this beautiful Irish lead crystal piece yesterday at an estate sale. I went hoping to find some vintage silver but was thrilled with what I found instead!
 I was given this little cupcake holder a couple of weeks ago for having excellent attendance at my Women's group this year. Thanks ladies!
 I always try to have one or two cake plates in my antique store, so come see me and get started on your own collection!

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  1. I just love them too! And you have a very nice collection. Almost anything looks more enticing when served under a dome don'tcha think? I have a madness for cloches also for the same reason *winks* Vanna