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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Decorating with Candlesticks

Do you love decorating with candlesticks as much as I do? I use candles in literally every room in the house. They can be formal or rustic, short or tall. I have candlesticks made of silver, pewter, crystal, brass and wood. I tend to group similar candlesticks together and I love to cluster them on a tray for a dramatic centerpiece. But they also are great for giving height to a vignette or anchoring other objets d'art. I especially use candlesticks during the holidays to add a bit of sparkle to a tablescape. On Christmas Eve we ate by candlelight. The grandkids were enchanted and it helped to set a quiet mood and made for a memorable evening.

Candlesticks are not expensive and can match any decor style!

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  1. Oh, yes! We love to decorate with candles in our home. Especially during the dark of Winter, it adds a special magic to the evenings. Or even in the warmer months when we are outdoors, as long as there is not a strong wind, I love to have candles as part of the atmosphere. Those pewter candlesticks are beautiful.