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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Faux French Grainsack Tablecloth

Many of us are loving the way burlap and vintage grain, coffee and feed sacks have worked their way into home decor. They have a nice earthy feel to them and are being used as pillows, drapery, upholstery and table linens. I have purchased just a couple of authentic pieces and 
they can be very pricey!

 So I came up with this alternative...

Do you know that you can buy large pieces of burlap at Home Depot in the gardening department? That's right, and less than $5  for a 80"x80" yard cloth! The first thing I did was spread it out on my lawn and hosed it off to remove excess dust. Then I put it in my dryer with a fabric softener sheet. Yes, it did fill up the lint tray!

Next I used painters tape to mark off lines,

 and then simply filled in with a red Sharpie. I thought about using paint but this was so easy and 
no bleeding under the tape.

I first used my new "vintage" tablecloth out on my patio for a barbecue with friends. Perfect for Summertime!

 And now I'm experimenting with a Christmas look for my women's club Christmas Idea House 
(yes, we're already busy at work on this year's event!)


  1. Clever idea! Guess you needed a new project after the wedding. LOL
    I recently purchased a grain sack runner at an antique market in Galveston. I'd really like a table cloth though, so I just might try making one. Thanks!

  2. How fun is that. I love the idea. Hugs, Marty

  3. What a great idea! I did not know they had it at Home Depot. I like the texture of yours also. Beautiful!!

  4. I didn't know that Home Depot sold burlap material! So good to know!!! And I absolutely LOVE what you did with yours! It looks beautiful on your table, and will be so nice to use for Christmas! :)

    You asked about the scalloped bowl on my "Around the Globe," thriftin' post. The bowl cost $4.99, and is pretty large! It is an Italian pottery piece!

  5. Thanks so much for sharing this thrifty it!!! I have purchased some, but I am not sure if it was at HD or Lowes, because mine is more open weave. Heading over to HD is check theirs out.


  6. So cute and quick... I bought some burlap sacks and laundered them w/ fabric softener following instructions I read in a magazine... totally ruined them. They came out as tied up, unraveled smelly balls of gook. I had to pitch them. :( I will NOT try that system again! Dryer sheets seem to be the way to go to freshen up.

  7. Your burlap tablecloth is so awesome especially put together! I used canvas drop cloths for my son's graduation party and they also fill up the lint screen. The dryer sheet idea is great.

  8. What a clever idea, and it looks totally authentic. Well done!